Financial Incentives

The City of Orange Economic Development Corporation (EDC) consists of seven members. It is organized on behalf of the City of Orange for the public purposes of promoting community improvement and economic development of new and expanded business enterprises within the City and the State of Texas. The corporation provides and encourages employment in the furtherance of the public welfare of, for and on behalf of the City by developing, implementing, providing, and financing projects under the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979 and as defined in Section 4B of the Act.

Financial incentives include:

  • Type 4B Sales Tax Funds – approved uses include land, buildings, equipment, facilities expenditures and improvements related to economic development projects (more information...)
  • Texas Enterprise Fund – approved to attract new jobs and investment to the state; used as a final incentive tool where a Texas site is competing with an out-of-state option (more information...)
  • Texas Leverage Fund – approved leverage of future sales tax revenues to support job retention or creation; used for interim, long-term or GAP financing (more information...)
  • Texas Enterprise Zone Fund – approved for local communities to partner with the State of Texas to promote job creation and capital investment in economically distressed areas of the state; designated projects are eligible to apply for state sales and use tax refunds on qualified expenditures related to the capital investment and jobs created at the qualified business site (more information...)
  • SBA Loan Program – Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs; 7(a.) designed for start-up and existing small businesses 504 Loan Program designed for long-term, fixed rate financing to acquire fixed assets such as real estate or equipment (more information...)
  • Tax Increment Financing – approved for local governments to publicly finance needed structural improvements and enhanced infrastructure within a defined area to promote existing businesses and attract new commercial enterprises (more information...)
  • Public-Private Partnerships – contractual agreement between a public agency (federal, state or local) and private sector entity; used to develop commercial properties, parking facilities, hotels, urban renewal projects and many others to create jobs, eliminate blight, improve infrastructure, and to help ensure a return on investment for the private sector (more information...)